EBCF Ltd Partnership Working

EBCF Ltd over the last 25 years has worked with a wide range of different partners and organisations in work across inner city Birmingham to enhance and improve the lives of beneficiaries in those areas.

A summary of the different funders EBCF has worked with over the last 25 years:

  • European Social Fund
  • Home Office
  • Learn Direct
  • United Kingdom Border Agency
  • ESFA
  • European Integration Fund
  • The Big Lottery
  • Bourneville College
  • South and City College
  • European Regional Development Fund
  • Life In The UK Test
  • Birmingham City Council
  • UK Online
  • Department For Works and Pensions
  • Department of Education
  • Connexions
  • Department For Children, Schools and Families

EBCF has received over £15 million in public funds over this time and has done so effectively and delivered all of its projects. Over this time EBCF has also worked with and even setup small community and voluntary organisations in partnership work:

Women Empowering Women

An organisation set up by EBCF. Now independent and running successfully helping women build confidence and arranging activities. EBCF also helped secure funding for the organisation.

AK Centre

An immigration advice centre in which over the last 20 years referrals for both organisations have been sent where hundreds of beneficiaries have been given support through joint collaborative work.

Pickwick Athletic Club

A local sports club which EBCF has supported through sponsorship and when EBCF was delivering Learn Direct Pickwick was used as an outreach centre.

North and South Saltley Youth Forum

A youth organisation where EBCF secured funds for activities such as residentials and activities to promote the wellbeing of young people

Alum Rock Football Club

A local football club which EBCF helped set up in 1994 and supported through funding and other support facilities.


EBCF has worked with this organisation on a number of projects last one being Destination Work helping 40 out of 75 young people into long term employment.

Saltley and Washwood Heath Practical Care Project

An organisation based in one of our centres helping local people with Energy related issues as well as help for the elderly and disabled with practical tasks such as repairs and gardening.

Coventry and South Warwickshire Partnership

Delivered Next Step contract and Flexible Support Fund helping over 160 people gain qualifications and 65 people into work on this project.

Ward End Asian Elders

Capacity building this organisation helping them to secure funding for furniture, kitchen equipment, showers and toilets and funding for lunchtime meals.


Helping to secure funding for this organisation for day trips and residentials for young isolated individuals to help increase confidence.

Al Sharif Children’s Education and Welfare Trust

An overseas organisation helping orphans and poor children EBCF has sent over supplies such as sleeping bags, stationary, clothes and other items to help these underprivileged children. Currently helping them to set up a UK Charity.

External Qualifications

EBCF also delivers a number of higher level qualifications which it delivers to its own staff and external organisations. In particular qualifications in Level 4 and Level 6 in Advice and Guidance in which EBCF has direct claims from the examination board. Over the last five years EBCF has delivered qualifications to the following organisations:
Phoenix Training
Probation Services
Hall Green School
Newman University
Black Country Housing Association

Summary of EBCF Work 1992 – present

  • Over 250,000 people have accessed EBCF provision and visited one of its centres
  • Received and spent over £15million of public funds to help people on a wide range of projects
  • Over 30,000 accredited qualifications have been delivered by EBCF
  • Over 500 staff and volunteers have benefitted from work experience with EBCF
  • Over 50,000 CVs have been created by EBCF on behalf of its beneficiaries
  • Over 3000 individuals have secured employment through accessing EBCF services
  • Over 20 community and voluntary organisations have been set up by EBCF

EBCF is in its 27th year since its formation. Currently it is at its strongest position both financially, strategically and in terms of its importance to the communities in which it serves. There are very few of its kind of this type of organisation left in inner cities and EBCF will endeavour to continue its great work and help thousands more individuals in the years to come.